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Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

To foster strong relationships between our department and the community in which we serve, the Community Policing Unit, working under the direction of the Public Information Office, provides programs and events to accomplish this goal. These programs are designed to educate, inform, and bring awareness to safety and crime related issues affecting our community.

Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA)
A great opportunity for citizens to get a firsthand look and account of all the different services, equipment, and personnel that make up their police department. There are two CPA classes a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The CPA meets once a week, for eight weeks. Combining lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities make for a unique learning experience. There is no cost to attend. Please use the link below to apply electronically, or print a copy here,  complete and return it to pjhardy@lebanontn.org.

Apply for Citizens Academy

Youth Police Academy
The Youth Police Academy is one of a very few programs of its kind in the nation.  Our hope is that the youth who participate in the program will develop an appreciation for law enforcement, build a strong rapport with our officers, and possibly spark an interest in future career paths in law, civics, or public service.  Modeled after our successful Citizens’ Police Academy, the Youth Police Academy is a week-long program that entails lectures, presentations, and hands-on activities to teach and inform its students of the many facets of law enforcement, leadership and teamwork skills, as well as the importance of being a good steward of the community.

The academy coincides with the Lebanon Special School District and Wilson County School District’s summer break.  The academy runs Monday through Friday, starting at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m. at the Jimmy Floyd Center.  The academy is provided at no cost.  Please use the link below to apply electronically, or print a copy here, complete and return to pjhardy@lebanontn.org.

Apply for Youth Police Academy

Neighborhood Watch Program
Neighborhood Watch Programs are available to those communities wanting to take a more diligent stand against crime.  It brings law enforcement and citizens together to reduce crime. The benefits of a Neighborhood Watch Program are they promote getting to know your neighbors and their regular routines, so that suspicious or out of the ordinary activity can be identified and reported. Historically, active Neighborhood Watch areas have lower incidents of crime and a stronger sense of community.

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