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Codes Department / Property Management

Codes Department / Property Management

Codes Enforcement

Check out this brief video on the most common code violations for the City of Lebanon, TN. A full list of LMC’s can be found on this page, below:

Lebanon Codes Enforcement Video


To make a codes complaint, simply click on the link below and fill out the form. Your form will be emailed directly to the codes department.
Make A Codes Complaint

If your Code Complaint has had no response.
Please ensure that these requirements are met when filing your complaint. Learn More: Click Here.

LMC:  Click on the LMC number and it will direct you to the Definitions of the code.

Ordinance Awareness Violations

Title 9, Chapter 2 - Peddlers, Solicitors, ETC.

Title 11, Chapter 8 - Offenses Against the Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Title 13, Chapter 1 - Miscellaneous

Title 13, Chapter 2 - Rats

  • LMC: 13-202 - Business buildings to be Rat-proofed, etc.
  • LMC: 13-206 - Occupants responsible for maintaining Rat-proofing
  • LMC: 13-213 - Storage of Garbage, Refuse, Boxes, etc.

Title 13, Chapter 3 - Public Nuisances

  • LMC: 13-301 - Conditions described as constituting a Public Nuisance
  • LMC: 13-307 - Definitions: Junk Vehicles a Public Nuisance

Title 13, Chapter 4 - Lebanon Anti-Litter Ordinance

  • LMC: 13-411 -Throwing or distributing commercial handbills in Public Places
  • LMC: 13-412 - Placing commercial and non-commercial handbills on vehicles
  • LMC: 13-414 - Distributing commercial and non-commercial handbills at inhabited private premises
  • LMC: 13-417 - Litter on Occupied Private Property
  • LMC: 13-418 - Owner to maintain premises free from litter
  • LMC: 13-419 - Litter on Vacant Lots
  • LMC: 13-420 - Clearing of litter from open private property by city

Title 13, Chapter 5 - Outdoor Pools to Be Completely Enclosed by a Fence

Title 13 Chapter

Title 16, Chapter1 - Miscellaneous

Title 17, Chapter 1 - Refuse and Trash Disposal

Title 17, Chapter 2 - Medical and Hazardous Wastes

Title 20, Chapter 1 - Signs

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